giovedì 25 agosto 2011

JoJo,tramite Billiboard,ricorda Aaliyah

"My manager's best friend, Gina Smith, was on the plane with Aaliyah and passed away as well. The fact that it has been 10 years is wild to me. I feel Aaliyah's presence and influence quite heavily. She accomplished so much at a young age and paved the way for artists like myself. If it were not for what she had trail blazed, I would probably not have been afforded certain opportunities. She really proved that 'Age Aint Nothing But A Number,' and that as young people, we are allowed to have personalities and opinions and voices and make an impact.

Her vocal delivery was unique. The combination of her angelic vocals over harder-hitting production was so special. She set trends through fashion, music, and the atmosphere that she created. Even before Beyoncé, she had music, fashion, and acting on lock. She and her team (including Jomo Hankerson, who I work closely with) helped show us that there are no boundaries in entertainment."


Aaliyah era una cantante, ballerina, attrice e modella statunitense.
La ragazza è morta all'età di 22 anni,il 25 agosto 2001,in un incidente aereo.

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