venerdì 24 settembre 2010

LMFAO featuring JoJo - Sucks To Be You - NEWS

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Last week the DJ, producer and singer Clinton Sparks has revealed via his Twitter that the group LMFAO and JoJo had done a song together and she would soon be released. What most people (including us) do not know is that a demo version of the song had leaked in June on YouTube!

The music, Sux2BU is more danceable, techno-influenced, electro and hip hop, and unlike anything that JoJo did before. The voice of the singer appears in the middle of the song very synthesized, but outstanding as always. Listen to music on the player below and say whether you approve!

La scorsa settimana il DJ, produttore e cantante Clinton Sparks ha rivelato tramite il suo Twitter che il gruppo LMFAO e JoJo avevano fatto una canzone insieme e sarebbe stato presto liberata. La voce di JoJo si sente durante il ritornello.

La canzone mi piace molto *.* Adoro la musica da discoteca! *.*

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