martedì 7 settembre 2010


“The only way out is through.” These words stick with me because during this transformative, uncertain, and trying time, I feel that the only choice for me is to keep on pushing forward.

I’m so thrilled to present some new music to you! As confused as I am about the current situation with the actual album, I can only imagine how confused you must be too. I often speak vaguely about what’s going on because I want to take the high road and not throw anyone under the bus. As tempting as it is to go public with every single detail, I’m trying to stay professional. But, my fans have been waiting way too long and at the end of the day- I’m a singer! A songwriter! An artist! It pains me not to be sharing what I love with those who want to receive it. It’s a really crazy thing when your career, your livelihood, and the thing you love the most is out of your hands. In releasing this mixtape, Im affirming that even though some have tried they CANT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME. What is THAT? My voice, my spirit, my drive, my dreams. As you listen to these songs, I hope that they make your head nod, your mind tick, your emotions move, your belly laugh, and maybe elicit a “stanky face” or something ;) Lol.

I wanna thank the incredible folks that were a part of this with me.

My fierce lioness of a manager, Gita Williams for her unstoppable awesomeness and tireless work. Steven Taylor for his sweet photo skills. Louis Cassagnol for Blou Market Studios. Casey & Claudine at Mowie Inc for graphic design. Reinaldo Irizzary and his eye for fashion and putting clothes on my body. J My attorney Doug Davis. My agent Brian Bunnin (Killa B!) as well as Logan and Jack at ICM. My AMAZING hilarious wicked cool MOM and the rest of my incredible, tight-knit, loving FAMILY and beautiful supportive FRIENDS (you know who you are!) Katie Gallagher for her love and work alongside Gita to keep things on track for me. Thom Panunzio and Evan Peters for their enthusiasm and support at Interscope. RAP-UP.COM for providing a platform to release this tape and supporting me from the VERY beginning. All Bloggers that continue to show me love (JustJaredJr., LoveBScott, Perez Hilton, PopJustice, ConcreteLoop, Global Grind, OceanUp, Yk2daily, Toyaz-world, LabelMeGossip, Idolator, thatgrapejuice, GossipTeen, atrl, theprophetblog, Neonlimelight, MediaTakeOut, etc.),,, Jojo-Levesque.US, JoJo-BR, TeamJoJoUS, TeamJoJoEGY, TeamJoJoNL, JoJoDailyorgGermany, Jlevesqueorg, TheFearlessJoJo, etc.) Ryan Brockington at PopWrap/New York Post, (Amp 97.1 Los Angeles),, She’s The First.

Producers, Artists, and Writers:

These creative geniuses have been super supportive, donating their time and effort to this mixtape. We’ve laughed, cried, thrown things, ate Indian Food, and made music together. And I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for lettin’ me be myself! Jordan Gatsby. Chad Hugo. Oak. Kenna. Jim Beanz,. Beau Dozier. Travis Garland. Jeremiah McConico. The Messengers (Nasri and Adam). Theron “Neff-U” Feemster. Mischke. State of Emergency. Luke James. & J-Valentine.

And last but MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST I want to thank each and every one of you who has hung in there with me, supported me, and believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. You keep me going! You make me stronger! You give me reason to fight everyday! I love you… and I really mean that. So please, plug in your headphones, or burn a CD of these songs and bump it in your car. Remember that computer speakers are DEVILISH!

Love&music <3


P.S. - a special thanks to the men, boys, and record execs who inspired the material. Whether you helped me or hurt me, you’ve contributed to the woman I’m growing into J

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