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‘In the Dark’ Reviews

The bass-pumping, rectro sounding ‘In The Dark’ knocks hard with it’s moody overtones and early 90s feel. It’s a very different, mature and experimental direction for the 19-year-old singer but it totally works, even with the autotune-laced hook. It’s not too overly done to a point where it’s really noticeable and as it’s a hot song, you can most certainly overlook it. The pulsating track was produced by Jordan Gatsby and co-written by both Jojo and Gatsby. The mixtape will also be available from September 7th. If this is what’s to come from Jojo, I cannot wait to hear her upcoming music and what she has in store for us. Absolute fire!

The 1st track to be lifted from JoJo’s upcoming ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ mixtape has just surfaced. ‘In The Dark’ was co-written by the young singer herself and produced by Jordan Gatsby.

The bass on this track goes hard. It’s great to see JoJo taking her music in a different direction than the Disney Pop sound that most people associate with her look and sound. She has certainly grown as an artist and I am eager to see what else she has to offer, especially on the vocal front given her impressive range.

Little JoJo was just 15 years old when she released her sophomore album "The High Road" in 2006. It's been four long years since that, and now Ms Levesque is a more mature singer and woman. And of course her music had to evolve alongside. Listen above to the recently premiered track called "In The Dark", the official first single from JoJo's upcoming mixtape "Can't Take That Away From Me" which will be released online on September 7th exclusively via On the new single JoJo commented the following: "I think 'In the Dark' is different than anything people have heard from me before. It's a very sensual record and there's an undertone of sadness to it". I'm just loving the sound of this new tune! Lyrics are deep! And the toned down synth-beats help build the "dark" atmosphere. It was definitely worth the wait. BTW, this was produced by Jordan Gatsby. And for the record, the "experimental" sound that will be appreciated on JoJo's upcoming mixtape won't reflect the material on her anticipated third studio album "All I Want Is Everything" expected to hit stores in late 2010, early 2011. This is just something special for the fans.

Dopo 4 anni di attesa finalmente possiamo ascoltare nuovo materiale ufficiale di JoJo, non si tratta di demo o unreleased tracks ma di un vero e proprio nuovo singolo che verrà anche accompagnato da un video promozionale. Sto parlando di “In The Dark”, midtempo veramente raffinata e diversa dal materiale che circola in questo periodo.
La cantante ci aveva avvisato dicendo che il brano era sperimentale e rifletteva esperienze mai provate prima dalla 19-enne interprete del Vermont. “In The Dark” anticipa l’uscita del mixtape “Can’t Take That Away From Me” che verrà presentato in anteprima da Rap-Up. Ecco il file audio, che ne dite ? N’è valsa la pena aspettare ?
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